1.0 Introduction.

This Privacy Policy has been compiled to better serve the Service Providers, Users and Guest Users (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “Your”) who are concerned with how their “Personal Information” is being used by this Website and the way it is projected online. The Shamerim Group of Companies a Private Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as “Patawakili” or “us” or “our”), engaged in providing a proprietary platform through (hereinafter referred to as “The Site”) or through our mobile  web application (hereinafter referred to as “The App”). For convenience we have used the word “Site” to denote both Website and Mobile web Application.


2.0 Personal Information.

“Personal Information” is any factual and subjective information forming part of a database that is associated with a specific person and his way of using or surfing Site and which data can be used to identify the user or his behaviour. This kind of information should not be anonymous and needs to be User specific as it enables the Service Providers to provide the User with relevant and customized Services or Site Experience specific to the User. This Information will not be used for any illegitimate or harmful way.


3.0 Purpose of Patawakili Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy describes the procedure as to how the Information is used, collected, shared and retained by this Site. They also explain the way in which such information is being handled and protected from fraud or misuse. If the user does not provide the information as described in the Privacy Policy, difficulty may arise in catering all the requisite Services to the Users. Also, it is very important for the Users to carefully analyse and have a clear reading of this Privacy Policy prior to accessing, downloading or otherwise using the Services. The information provided is retained by this Site as long as it fulfils the purpose for which it was collected and to such extends as the law requires it.

Users who do not accept this Privacy Policy or any Part thereof are requested not to use Services. By Service Providers registering using the services or by registering on the Site or by sharing your information on this Site in any way whatsoever, the users are and will be consenting on accepting the Patawakili Privacy Policy. Users who are accessing this site from outside Kenya shall understand that they are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy which are subject to Jurisdiction and Laws of Kenya.


4.0 Changes to this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy is subject to periodical review and appropriate incorporation of technological changes that may take place from time to time. All the information used for providing Services will be consistent with the policy under which it was created along with the updated Privacy policy and any other Terms specified on this Site. The revised Privacy Policy may be updated any time and shall be held effective from the date on which it is posted on the Site.


5.0 Collection of Information.

The “Information” that is collected, processed and retained at the time of registration, signing up, communication between the User and the Service Provider or during the dispute resolution shall include:

  1. Information that makes an individual easily identifiable includes name, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses of the User’s and Service Provider;
  2. Information that is shared during the transaction between the User and the Service Provider or other transaction-based content that is generated or that is connected to the User’s account as a result of a transaction in which the User is involved in;
  3. Other Information which the User wants to share with the Service Provider for better understanding of the Query shall be shared with the Site and only through the Site the information will reach the Service Provider. The information; Payment Gateway shall be used therefore it eliminated the Site from storing any financial information (such as credit card or bank account numbers) in connection with any transaction;
  4. Specific Information collected from the Service Providers shall include the Advocate’s Admission Number, Practicing Number, and uploads for the same. From Process Servers it includes: Certification of Examination, and License Number and uploads of the same. For Arbitrators Certificate Uploads;
  5. Any information which is mandatory required by the site or authorized to be collected under the applicable laws in order to authenticate, identify or verify the information we have collected from our Professional and User;
  6. Patawakili shall also collect information about the interaction of the Services, any and all preferences of the Service Provider or User, and such communications that are made between the Users, Service Providers and the Service Provider;
  7. Certain information that is received from the devices (including mobile devices) which is used at the time of registration, when Site is updated or any discussion or transaction that takes place regarding our Services. This information comprises the following: Device ID or unique identifier, device type, ID for advertising, and unique device token.


6.0 Communications with Service Providers.

This Site shall have full access to the Information shared between the preferred Service Provider and the User as stated earlier. If Information is transmitted through this Site assurance of quality Services is Guaranteed. Any transaction between the Service Provider and the User may not be treated as confidential information and may not be protected.

This clause shall be read with Condition 3 of the Terms and Conditions so as to know the detailed interaction between the Service Providers and Users.

In accordance with all the provisions of Applicable Laws, recordings and multiple copies of all the chats, emails, voice recordings or any other written or sound recordings that are conducted between the Service Provider and the User through our Services shall be maintained.


7.0 Availing Services through Service Providers.

For availing any Services, the User needs to fill up a form so as to clarify all the requisite information that is required by the Service Provider to satisfy the Users in the best possible manner. When submitting this form personal information and description of the issue is required.

The Service Providers who wishes to Register and create an account are also required to submit the personal information along with details about the profession. All the information shared by the Service Provide for the purpose of getting registered under this Site shall be maintained by Patawakili.


8.0 Patawakili Policy on Cookies.

Cookies are small files that a site, application or its owner transfers to your computer’s hard drive through your Web Browser that enables the owner to uniquely identify your browser and store the information that is of relevance. There are variety of cookies and similar technologies that are used for collecting and storing information that is generated automatically when the User operates through this Site. The previous or current Site or Application activity helps in understanding the User’s preferences. So as to simplify the use of this Site or Application for its Users as it will return to the search results in which the Users where most interested.

All the data related to Patawakili or Site shall be compiled by the Cookies so as to offer better facilities and experience to its User’s and Service Providers. The web servers collect the IP address from computer and mobile connections to the Internet.

There are many Browsers that provide opportunity to the Users to operate and control cookies, usually by understanding the whole process by accessing the help option in the settings menu. Also, the User is provided with an option to opt- out of these cookies.

Patawakili does not have any control over the communication or transaction that takes place between Service Provider with whom a User or any other individuals/third party have access to the recordings. The User or any Service Provider registered under this Site will not be identified by the IP address. Such information can only be used to deliver the Webpage to the User’s or Service Providers upon request to tailor the Website in the User’s or Service Providers interest. Apart from the Cookies there are similar technologies such as web beacons which electronic files that are used to count users who have visited our Services or to identify certain cookies on the computer or through mobiles accessing our Services.


9.0 Policy on Third Party.

No information that is procured from the Service Provider and the User is sold, traded or rented, except as provided under the Privacy Policy or with the permission of the User. Except as provided under this Privacy Policy no recordings can be shared with third party websites. Patawakili takes no responsibility for the privacy practices of any third party.

Patawakili may on some occasions or on contractual basis avail the services of third party and shall not be responsible for the privacy practices of any third party.


10.0 Disclosure of Information by Patawakili.

Patawakili shall disclose certain information whether personal or not only if:

  1. Disclosure of any such information is believed to be necessary to comply with the provision of law;
  2. Disclosure would eliminate or mitigate any potential lawsuit;
  3. Disclosure would help prevent unauthorized or illegal transactions;
  4. Disclosure is necessary to protect the rights of the Professional or the User.


11.0 Data Protection Provided by Patawakili.

A Site like Patawakili can protect any information from being misused or altered by using Firewall and other necessary security measures. Chats that may take place between the Service Providers and Users have been encoded using of Standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL). With the changing time there is also an impact on the society with respect to the changing technology. Any previous communication between the Service Providers and Users can be reviewed, except that no other information can be accessed by the Service Provider or Client. All the information is also stored on off-site locations. Patawakili takes no guarantee of any information that it records as there are ways in which such information can be hacked and Patawakili cannot be held liable for the same.


12.0 Patawakili Third Party Advertisement.

Patawakili might provide information to the online advertisers to help them understand the audience and confirm the value of advertising on the Site/Application, it is usually in the form of aggregated statistics on traffic to various pages within the Site. Patawakili might use third-party advertisers to serve ads when you visit the Sites/Application. The advertisers may use information (excluding your name, address, email address or telephone number) about the visits of the Users or Service Providers to this or any other Site in order to provide advertisements about goods and services which might interest the Service Providers or Users.


13.0 Google.

Patawakili makes use of Algolia, Google and other third-party services/products including Google's advertising requirements which can be viewed out from Google's Advertising Principles.

Marketing: If no marketing communications is to be received from Patawakili, than unsubscribe from the link in the email received by the User or Professional, change the Communication Preferences with Patawakili, or indicate the communication preferences within the direct communication.


14.0 Withdraw Consent.

If consent is withdrawn by the User or the Service Provider to disclosure of their personal or non-personal information for purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, then it might be really difficult for them to have full access to all the Services and also Patawakili might not be able to provide customer support the Users and Service Provider’s.


15.0 Illegal Activities on Patawakili.

The site and its Users or Service Providers shall be in compliance with all the legal parameters and will not promote, organize, or engage in any activity which is forbidden under law. Prior Consent of that particular individual is required before sharing any personal information about or related to him. The Privacy Policy should also be read by that particular person before agreeing to take any decision. If any unsolicited private information is received from the Users or Service Providers, Patawakili shall within reasonable time and in a lawful manner destroy the information or assure it is de-identified.


16.0 Grievance Procedure on Patawakili.

Users and Service Providers accessing or scrolling through the Site shall raise their Grievance through:

The Chief Technology Officer


P.o. Box 52162-00200, Nairobi Kenya


Phone: (+254) 740 631 090


Timings: 24 Hours.